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Transmute is a platform you access through a mobile app where people meet to get cash.

You buy cash with foreign or domestic currencies. Cash or wired.
And crypto currencies work too.

Download the app on your phone, advertise safely your need and browse for currency available.

And it's completely free.

What's in it for you?

As a buying Transmuter, you get access to cash anywhere, anytime.
Wether you are abroad, in a festival or a local faire, you won't need to rely on the ATM or your card, and their associated charges.

As a providing Transmuter, you get a small commision for the cash you make available to the platform.

Ready to Transmute your currencies?

We are actively working on the app so leave us your email below and we will let you know as soon as the app is available for you to enjoy!



Florian Chanier
Florian Chanier
Co-Founder & CEO

Former entrepreneur in engineering services (E-nergy) while he was still a student in Computer Science engineer.
Florian oriented his carrer in finance and became a Senior IT & Business analyst with 11+ years experience in capital market including 6+ years on trading floors in NYC.

Multiple time IronMan 70.3 and Marathonien, you can find Florian swimming, biking, running on his downtown always pushing his mental and physical boundaries.

He brings his knowledge of the financial world and incredible energy to drive Transmute.

Florian Chanier
Arnaud Thiercelin
Co-Founder & Head of Product + Engineering

Former entrepreneur with 8+ years experience (Flying Pig), 13+ years of technical experience building all sorts of software products including client-server architectures, mobile applications, REST backends, embedded system, Arnaud has a proven track record into making ideas into reality.

He is bringing heavy know-how and focus to build the transmute product.